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Bottle Cap Works

Over the years I have made seven bottle cap sculptures.  The most common question I am asked is where did I get all those caps.  The truth of the matter is that they were not difficult to find at all.  While working on a golf course in my teens I discovered that these little bits of material are everywhere in our environment. We don't consider them due to their size and disposable nature, but in mass they accumulate to what is an extensive amount of objects.  In my home province bottle caps are not recycled -- not that they can't be recycled, just that its too difficult (not profitable) to separate the cap, made of one type of plastic, and the bottle, made of another.  During my time as an undergraduate, my partner and I would go for walk around the University.  We'd find 80 or so caps on the ground.  A day or two later, we'd find 80 more.  In four months I collected enough bottle caps to make 50 large scale sculptures.  I have no doubts that more of these sculptures will be added to the series.